Jigsaw Butterflies 1.4
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Jigsaw Butterflies 1.4

Jigsaw Butterflies lets you admire the beauty of these peaceful creatures
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When it comes to casual games for leisure time, one of the best choices is computer jigsaw puzzles. What is great about these games is that they help us forget for a while the stressful working days, and refresh our minds with its challenging yet soothing gameplay.

With Jigsaw Butterflies, brought to you by SpinTop, you will enjoy solving puzzles while admiring the beauty of these peaceful creatures, in fifty great puzzle games for all ages. Meet fifty types of butterflies of America: the Monarch, the Queen, the gorgeous Tropical Metalmark, West Coast Lady, Red Admiral, and many others.

Jigsaw Butterflies gives you lots of options to create a game according to your mood or level of skill: there are two piece shapes to choose from, three levels of piece distortion, and if you want more challenging puzzles, you can allow pieces rotation. The number of pieces ranges from an easy 6-piece puzzle, up to a tricky 900+ piece jigsaw puzzle that will keep you busy for days.

All of the pictures are of really good quality, as well as the game graphics. You can download the full version of Jigsaw Butterflies and try it out for sixty minutes.

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  • Good-quality photographs
  • Suitable fo all ages
  • Numerous options to create puzzles according to age or level of skill


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